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Lester Schatz

Lester Schatz

Ray Stop Window Tinting was our company’s original name.  My father, Lester Schatz, founded Ray Stop Window Tinting in 1958. We were early pioneers in the window tinting industry. We originally franchised Ray Stop Window Tinting and had Ray Stop dealerships all over the United States and eventually all over the world, distributing and installing a liquid coating for glass, which was called Flow Coating.

In my mid-20s, I traveled the world for my father’s company demonstrating and teaching how to do the work. Over the years, I have personally trained over 1,000 flat-glass window tinters, in both Flow Coating and filming.  At one time we had Ray Stop dealers in practically every country in the world.
The Jacoby Brothers invented window tinting paint in the early 1950s. They owned a paint and chemical company located in Los Angeles called Specialty Coatings.
The U.S. Air Force contacted Specialty Coatings back in the early ‘50s and they requested a transparent paint that could be used to coat the glass and plastic cockpits of our Air Force aircraft to cut the glare.

The Jacoby Brothers were successful in manufacturing that liquid coating in many shades and colors for the Air Force and then later they added a U.V. inhibitor to the permanent pigments and resin base paint to sell to the home and commercial sectors as a protective coating against not just glare and heat but also fading. The flow process inhibited U.V. better than the films but it had an odor, and couldn’t reject heat anywhere close to the metal and ceramic films we use today.
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Ray Stop Van - Sweden
Flow Coating Process - The Flow Curtain
Flow Coating Process - The Flow Curtain
In order to install the Flow Coating, a flowing machine is needed. This was a rotary gear, vacuum-pump machine. It had a tank that held the material and two hoses: one for outflow, and the other for suction. We would build a paper trough at the bottom of the window to catch the material as it flows down the window. Here are some photos from the 1970s that demonstrate the Flow Coating process.
Specialty Coatings still exists today, but due to its toxic odor during installations, the Flow Coating process is now illegal in many states. We no longer offer that service. Today, we sell and install a variety of different manufacturers’ window tinting films, primarily doing local home and building installations.
Jim Schatz - 1972
Jim Schatz - 1972
I worked with my dad part-time from age 20 to 40. During that time, I was more interested in sports, playing open tennis, and later, pro racquetball. I was a teacher, writer and coach, and had a racquetball pro shop at the Beverly Hills Family Fitness Center when my father got ill in 1985. I had to close my pro shop, retire from sports and take over my father’s business. After my father passed away, I took care of my mother and focused full-time on the family business.
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When I took over the family business I was still playing sports seriously so I decided not to franchise or sell materials anymore and instead concentrate on doing home and building installations. Later, when a company I occasionally helped out, Solar Control Window Tinting, went out of business, I took over their main phone line.  Solar Control did more than $1.5 million in window tinting installations per year during their peak. I was getting so many calls on their phone line, I decided to change my company name from Ray Stop Window Tinting to Solar Stop Glass Tinting.
I still do some of the work. I really enjoy the zen aspect of it. I have some of the best window tinters and helpers in the industry helping me with the work. Many I have had the pleasure to work with for over 30 years. I still supervise every job, as I take a lot of pride in our appearance, performance, and workmanship. Feel free to call or email any time for information and a free estimate.
Flow Coating Class
Flow Coating Class

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